Fun. Cute. Smart. That’s our Bobby®

Bobby® enhances the experience of ice skating, making skating fun for everyone….from the very first time!

Loved by all ages, this cute seal is the friendly assistant that adds a new dimension to recreational skating.

The Bobby® the Seal ice skating aid may have revolutionized skating since it makes it possible for recreational skaters to hold on to something that is steady while they skate. Not only can the Bobby be pushed and used for support, but when a skater is tired he can sit on the Bobby and rest. Positive experiences on the ice with Bobby make skaters want to try the sport again.   “Every ice arena should consider having Bobby® skating aids available for public skating sessions, for older adults and beginners and for families, and for learn to skate classes. Bobby® the Seal makes ice skating fun!”.
Review of the Bobby® Seal Ice Skating Aid:

 “Ice skating for the first time can be scary. Bobby® the Seal changes everything. Instead of hanging on to the rail or on to another person or parent, children of all ages can enjoy ice skating on their own thanks to the Bobby® ice skating aid.

The unique and expertly engineered and crafted Bobby® skating aid has been called “the best invention since the ice skate.” It is perfectly balanced and stable and can be pushed with or without another skater sitting on the bright orange seal. In addition, the Bobby® aid is easy to maintain and clean.

Ice arenas can make money by renting out Bobby® the Seal  skating aids to its customers. Some rinks charge $1 per use, but others charge as much as $5 for using Bobby®. The colourful bright orange seal looks so fun to use, that people of all ages, from four years old to ninety, will want to use the aid and will gain confidence on the ice by using Bobby®. Several Bobby®  seals can be stacked and stored behind an ice rink’s skate rental counter.

Until Bobby® the Seal came along, those new to ice skating used buckets or walkers on the ice that sometimes stuck to an ice surface. Sometimes the buckets fell over or tipped which was and is very dangerous.  Bobby rarely tips over and is much safer to use. Every ice arena should consider having Bobby® the Seal skating aids available for public skating sessions, for older adults and beginners and for families, and for learn to skate classes. Bobby®  the Seal makes ice skating fun!”


 Bobby® has multiple value points:

  • Highly engineered
  • Perfectly balanced for stability both for pushing & sitting- creating a safer and more exciting skating experience
  • Expertly crafted
  • Molded plastic makes Bobby® durable, safe, and easy to maintain. Each Bobby® can assist literally hundreds of skaters
  • Space saving, Bobby’s unique design includes the ability to stack, saving space and adding convenience
  • Bobby® is unique and patented.

Fun. Cute. Smart. That’s our Bobby®


New: The Bobby Pick-Up

bobby pickup

Our latest invention: The Bobby Pick-Up: a safe and handy storage place for your Bobbies.

But that’s not all!

Because the Bobby can be locked with a coin you can easily rent your Bobbies out with a minimum of handling costs.

See the flyer for more info about the Bobby Pick-Up: Flyer Bobby Pick-Up


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